iPhone X Back Glass Cover Replacement

UGX 200,000


iPhone X Back Glass Cover Replacement in Uganda

The glass back cover of an Apple iPhone X allows for fast wireless charging. A cracked Apple iPhone X glass back cover poses several risks of injury to the user. Replace your cracked Apple iPhone X glass back cover with end-to-end assembly from Apple shop Uganda.

Each Apple iPhone X glass back cover replacement carries an internal service warranty that safeguards consumer rights against defects. The original Apple iPhone X glass back cover spare part is handled by Apple-trained iOS technicians using appropriate tools and observant of Apple service protocol.

With quick turn-around time, the Apple iPhone X is cleaned and is soon ready for collection, pick-up or delivery. For Apple iPhone X glass back cover replacement, contact Apple shop Uganda on 0780526527 or whatsapp


Let us fix your device

We have staff who are professionally trained and understand Apple products inside out. From what type of cable is the best, to replacing screens. We source our spare parts from genuine apple Manufacturers giving you the peace of mind that all we do with your device is safe. Be it an iPad you want to be fixed or your mac or even your iPhone, we have the solution. Among the things we fix include;

  1. Battery Replacement
  2. Broken Screens
  3. Device not charging
  4. Unlocking Phone
  5. Device won’t start
  6. Wetness damage
  7. Any other damage
  8. If you chose the “Apple Shop Uganda” once in our hands, we have it repaired and headed back to you in less than 24 hours!If your iPhone has the back glass cracked, it is exposed to wet and may stop working. Get it replaced before it is too late. Our certified technicians know how to replace the back glass on your iPhone. They will then install a brand new one in its place. The result is a nice new back on your iPhone.

    Repairs are completed in the iPhone’s original Colour and returned via Apple Shop Uganda the day that we receive them.

    These days there are various qualities of iPhone replacement parts on the market. We make sure that we use the highest quality parts available. You may be able to find other iPhone repair companies, which can provide repairs using cheaper lower quality parts. These parts will be poor copies, will fail prematurely and will never be as good as the original ones. We only use Original Quality Parts.


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