iPhone XS Max Battery Replacement

UGX 250,000


iPhone XS Max batteries use rechargeable Lithium-ion technology that charges faster and lasts longer. All rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan and eventually when their capacity and performance decline, they need replacement.

apple shop uganda is an Apple Authorized Service Provider serving Kampala and its environs. As an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we are mandated with provision of iPhone XS Max battery replacement repair service to kampala

With a dedicated Service Centre in kampala we offer battery replacement solutions for iPhone XS Max models. If you notice your iPhone XS Max losing charge fast, it may be time to visit apple shop uganda for a battery replacement.

Our Apple Certified iOS Technicians (ACiTs) complete Apple Service training to gain valuable knowledge and experience on iPhone XS Max battery replacement. They are equipped with genuine Apple spare batteries for iPhone XS Max as well as ultra-modern tools and kits. The Lithium-ion battery can cause an uncontrollable fire if accidentally punctured, a risk you run with a Do-It-Yourself battery replacement. For your safety, it is best to have the iPhone XS Max battery replaced by an Apple Certified iOS Technician.

Additionally, we guarantee the repair with an internal battery replacement warranty that makes the iPhone XS Max battery replacement risk-free. With quick turn-around time and reliable customer support, your iPhone XS Max battery life will be restored to optimum capacity. As we serve at your convenience, upon request, we can arrange for pick-up and subsequent delivery of the iPhone XS Max for battery replacement within Kampala and its environs.

On reception of the iPhone XS Max with faulty battery, the iPhone XS Max is booked in for repair service. On the job card, be sure to leave your preferred contact for communication and updates on the progress of the battery replacement. Other identifier data such as model number as well as any accompanying peripherals and accessories such as adapters, cables and cases are also noted with descriptions. Any other matters of interest are also included in the fault report.

After iPhone XS Max battery replacement, the battery is charged and tested before release. If you have an iPhone XS Max that needs battery service, do bring it by our Service Centre in kampala  for battery replacement


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