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Apple launched the iPhone X in September 2017.  Although it was designed to last, the iPhone glass is meant to be just responsive enough for the end user. Fortification of the iPhone X screens would potentially increase its life at the expense of the end user experience. The sensitive glass is thus an advantage rather than an impediment.

To protect your iPhone X screen, it is advisable to invest in a durable screen protector. An estimated 70% of iPhone users do not have protection for their devices, leading to high incidences of broken or cracked screens. Physical impact with sufficient force such as dropping or smashing can cause unprecedented damage to your iPhone X screen. Shards of cracked glass expose the iPhone user to injuries.

The iPhone X screen guard acts as a shock absorber, evenly distributing the force of physical shock. In cases of excessive force, the screen protector breaks while keeping the inner iPhone X screen safe. A cracked screen protector is easily removed and replaced by another. Ask your Apple Certified iOS technician to include the iPhone X screen protector after screen replacement.

Mac & More Solutions is an Apple Authorized Service Provider serving Nairobi and its environs. From our central location in Bandari Plaza, Westlands, we provide full-front display assembly for iPhone X models using ultra-modern equipment.

The Anti-Static Wrist Strap is used to safely ground the Apple iOS technician to prevent build-up of static electricity. Apple iPhones are delicate, hence the precautions taken to prevent irreversible internal damage.

Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) mats are designed for draining static charge from items placed on its surface. When used together with wrist straps, they provide a protective zone for iPhone repairs. Do-it-yourself (DIY) repairs lack basic Apple repair safety precautions and pose risk of significant harm to your iPhone X.

With the introduction of Qi inductive charging, iPhone X models have glass backs to facilitate wireless charging.

If you have a cracked or broken iPhone X screen or back cover within kampala and its environs, carry it to the Apple Authorized Service Providers – apple shop uganda – for replacement.

With quick turn-around time and reliable customer support, your iPhone X screen will be restored to full functionality.

apple shop uganda also offers internal service warranty on iPhone X screen replacement,


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