Ipads for sale in Kampala Uganda

Ipads for sale in Kampala Uganda Purchase a new and used iPad at an affordable price from Appleshopuganda, the Apple Authorized Reseller in kampala When Apple released the first iPad back in 2010, it transformed the tablet market overnight, instantly confounding cynics who wondered if it was anything more than an oversized iPhone. Apple’s sleek, desirable tablet proved that the space between the smartphone and the laptop was ripe for exploration, and the consistently innovative iPad range continues to offer elegant mobile computing solutions.

Today’s Apple iPad collection has come a long way from the original 2010 model, offering more refined designs, advanced functionality and increasingly impressive processing power. Thanks to an ever-improving range of Apple iPad keyboards, it’s easier than ever to recreate a laptop-style user experience.

The iPad range also offers more choice than ever before, covering a wide range of user requirements and price points. If you’re a high-end user, it’s time to reassess what you can do on a tablet. Apple’s top of the range fourth generation iPad Pro delivers laptop-beating performance, propelling tablet computing into a brave new era. And ‘laptop-beating performance’ is no exaggeration – equipped with the A12Z Bionic chip, the latest iPad Pros really are faster than many PC laptops.

Boasting an incredible edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display, the Apple iPad Pro delivers truly stunning visuals, which is a good job because it’s also capable of capturing spectacular images and 4K video courtesy of an advanced Ultra Wide camera.

The iPad Air is svelte and stylish – perfect for take-it-everywhere mobile computing – but it’s also surprisingly powerful. Thanks to its A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine, the iPad Air uses real-time machine learning to deliver a fabulously fluid user experience.

And if the super-slim iPad Air is still too sizeable, the Apple iPad Mini benefits from the same powerful technologies but packs them into an even more compact body, giving you oversized performance in an undersized package. Featuring a 7.9?inch Retina display with True Tone, the iPad Mini is a super smart pocket-sized tablet with a brilliantly intuitive scaled down interface. Slip it into one of our stylish iPad cases and team with an iPad Apple pencil to get creative on the go