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Most Apple Laptop battery prices range from  UGX 300,000- UGX 709,500 this majorly depends on the type of laptop that you have which in turn determines whether your Apple Macbook battery is internal or external. An external laptop battery is one which is easily removable by moving the clips at the back of your laptop.

MacBook Air 2012 Battery Replacement
MacBook Air 2012 Battery Replacement

Best apple macbook repair services in Uganda

Apple Shop Uganda is a leading Apple Macbook repair center in Uganda with trained technicians who can handle all Macbook models. Our Macbook repair services are available in Kampala, Mbarara, Nakuru, Entebe, jinja and other towns across Uganda.

Why is Mac repair so expensive?

The simple answer is because Apple use unique parts that are only manufactured by Apple, the cost of these parts reflect the cost of an Apple as a premium product.

Apple macbook repair services in uganda cost near kampala

At Apple shop uganda, our aim is to provide excellent MacBook repair services to individuals, business customers and students. We are a nationwide full-service center and we offer a convenient mail-in service for Uganda residents.

Our team of technicians and engineers have expert knowledge of all notebook computer models. Apple MacBook repairs are quick, affordable and efficient. Our foremost priority is to complete any MacBook repair work and upgrade services as quickly and professionally as potential.

We can also arrange professional mail in/ courier services and same day pick up and delivery services for those who cannot bring their faulty MacBooks to our Kampala and Mukono repair center.

At Apple Shop Uganda We repair all kinds of hardware and software issues in our Apple MacBook repair shop to run it again like a Pro.