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Apple MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Price in Uganda starts from UGX 1100,000 to UGX 14590,000 depending on the model and configuration of the Macbook Air or Pro. Buy the Latest high-performing MacBook Pro or Macbook Air from Apple Shop Uganda. Order yours from below.

Apple MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Available at Best Price in Uganda

MacBook is a line of laptops from the Macintosh group, first appearing in 2006 and manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple MacBooks are famous as the trendsetter of premium laptops for their uniquely futuristic yet simple design, high user-friendliness, and unrivaled performance. More commonly known as “Apple,” the company is one of the five US tech giants. With its headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple is leading the next generation of consumer electronics and personal devices with products like Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, and Mac Personal Computers.

Star Tech, the largest Apple Store in Uganda, offers all the latest Apple MacBook laptops at the best price. The Apple Shop Uganda is the place to be if you buy a MacBook Air & MacBook Pro. Our Apple MacBooks segment is packed with the latest Apple Silicon on MacBooks for you to choose that fits your needs. Also, many accessories to pair with your Apple devices are available at the Apple Store.

MacBook Pro & MacBook Air Price in Uganda starts from UGX 1100,000 to UGX 14590,000 depending on the model and configuration of the Macbook Air or Pro
Apple Macbook ListPrice in UGX
Apple MacBook Air 13 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Midnight #MRXW3XX/A6000,000
Apple MacBook Air 15 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Starlight #MRYT3LL/A6,500,000
Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch M3 Chip Liquid Retina Display 18GB RAM 512GB SSD Space Gray #Z1C80001D8000,000
Apple MacBook Air 15 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Space Gray #MRYM3LL/A5000,000
Apple MacBook Air 15 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Starlight #MRYR3LL/A6000,000
Apple MacBook Air 15 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Silver #MRYP3LL/A5,600,000
Apple MacBook Air 15 inch M3 Chip (2024) Liquid Retina Display 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Midnight #MRYU3LL/A6200,000
Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch M3 Pro Chip Liquid Retina XDR Display 18GB RAM 512GB SSD Space Black #MRX33LL/A8,500,000

Experience the Ultimate Performance of Apple MacBooks

Apple MacBooks provide the highest computing power the world has seen in a laptop as Apple develops its products, features, and technology from scratch. Besides, Apple Inc. is now making its processors, resulting in the best possible hardware and software integration. Putting the Apple silicon on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, Apple can make their laptops surpass any premium ultrabook out there. Let’s take a look at why MacBooks are so powerful yet so efficient. But before that, we’ll know what the two Apple MacBook series offer.

Latest MacBook Pro & Macbook Air Series in Uganda

Apple MacBooks now comprise two series, the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, and both are available at your nearest Apple Store . At first glance, both seem similar in almost every aspect. But, the real difference is under the hood, where things get interesting. Here are the distinctions in detail between Apple MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air is an entry-level Apple MacBook series with outstanding performance. As the name suggests, MacBook Air is very thin and lightweight, with a smaller screen size than the Pro series. But don’t mistake it for its smaller size, a MacBook Air can often outperform some of the best gaming laptops out there.

You will currently find Apple MacBook Air from the Apple Store with either M1, M2 and M3 chip, featuring a 13+ inches screen. The MacBook Air comes with up to a 1080p webcam, making this laptop the best for advanced workloads like online classes, remote office meetings, and creative demands. With up to 8 CPU cores and 18 GPU cores, Apple MacBook Air M3 gives phenomenal power to do more. MacBook Air is the ultimate laptop you can carry anywhere and still meet deadlines due to its ultra-thin aluminum closure and 18 hours of battery backup. MacBook Air is available in four uniquely stylish colors – Midnight, Space Gray, Silver, and Starlight.

MacBook Pro

Apple’s professional line of laptops, the MacBook Pro, is the device of dominance. MacBook Pro is available in 14-inch and 16-inch sizes in Bangladesh, sitting slightly higher in the price spectrum. The price justifies a premium ultrabook from the best tech giant, and a perfect user will surely fall for the Apple MacBook Pro series. Why? MacBook Pro gets the latest Apple M3 Pro and M3 Max chip. Apple offers MacBook Pro in Space Gray and Silver colors, ready to fit any professional or creative working environment. MacBook Pro laptops have a thin bezel Retina XDR display with serious pixel density. This lets this flagship Apple laptop show more accurate colors than any screen with higher contrast and brightness.

With MacBook Pro’s insane neural capabilities, machine learning, and AI, performances go limitless. The Pro MacBook connects up to three displays at 6K resolution or a single 4K monitor with some serious refresh rates like 240 Hz. Aside from HDMI, signal over the latest DisplayPort and Thunderbolt ports open up pro-level working opportunities. Video and audio playbacks with ProRes, HDR with Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, HDR10, and many international certifications make MacBook Pro the professional companion at studios, data centers, and labs. So, a MacBook Pro is your perfect match if you have the highest computing demands.

What Features Make an Apple MacBook Standout?

MacBooks are great, but what makes a Mac laptop better than anything else? And If you are buying an Apple MacBook Pro or MacBook Air leaving other premium ultrabooks aside, it’s also important to know what you are paying the premium price for. So let’s find the features that make a MacBook stand out in the battle of the best laptops, and for whom is a MacBook?

Apple’s Liquid Retina Display

Apple’s Liquid Retina Display technology is the first feature that makes a MacBook display better than the others. Retina XDR Displays can reproduce extreme dynamic ranges even with minimal picture information. Two hundred fifty ppi and more than 1500nits HDR, Dolby Vision, and ProRes compatibility are some display features that make an Apple MacBook better than others. A MacBook can reproduce lifelike, breathtakingly natural colors without compromising vibrance or brightness. On the outside or inside, adaptive light sensing technology adjusts your display brightness for the clearest and finest pictures.

Most Advanced Power Management for Laptop

Apple, as a company, develops its technology to work effortlessly among all Apple devices. And power management is one of the very “Apple” features the world praises a MacBook for. With 140W fast charging brick, Apple MagSafe charges your Apple MacBook in minutes. And the laptop’s battery uses adaptive power management to optimize energy draw. As a result, you can work days and nights at a stretch on a MacBook.

Studio Grade Audio System

In the audio section, MacBooks are also champions. From AAC to Dolby Atmos – MacBook Pro & MacBook Air supports almost every pro-grade audio file and format. With up to 3 studio-grade beamforming microphones and 6 speakers, adaptive surround sounds emerge at professional quality. So whether you are gaming, enjoying Dobly Atmost content, or recording, you are getting studio-quality sounds in every instance. Apple’s latest AirPods Max can give an outstanding audio experience while used with any Macbook.

Latest Network & Connectivity Standards

Network and connectivity on MacBooks always come with the latest standards. Bluetooth v5.3 and WiFi 6E compatibility make data transfers blazing fast. HDMI, USB 3 type C and DisplayPort enable high bandwidth signal transfers for ports. And with Magsafe 3 & Thunderbolt connection, integrating high-end external systems becomes effortless.

New MacOS on MacBook

Apple’s simplest yet the most interwoven operating system, the MacOS on MacBook, allows for hyper-expansive collaboration and seamless communications. MacOs decorates your Apple MacBook with the latest App Store apps, which intelligently adapt to your device usage. Features like Touch ID, Face ID, Find My, Group Tabs, and Spotlight make life easier with clean and easy-to-navigate interfaces on the MacOS. Siri lets you automate your smart lifestyle devices, so you make the most of your productive times.

The Vastest Ecosystem of Apple

Everybody knows Apple has the most expansive technological ecosystem on devices. Effortless multipoint connection of Apple devices like iPhones, AirPods, iPads, or other Apple gadgets make switching between them easy. On the other hand, every Apple device fully supports features like Active Noise Cancellation in real-time, even when you switch from and to. With regular feature drops, Apple’s vastest ecosystem keeps you posted with the latest and smartest features.

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